Zero: Education content for Partners

Before starting, we recommend creating a folder for each person in your organization who is involved with the program.

We also recommend that you have the folder on hand to be able to make inquiries during the installations. You will see that after 4-8 installations, the process will seem easy, because the dynamic is repeated.

2. Basic functions and guidelines of the Panel:

Download the document here

3. Still have questions?

Take advantage and check all the help information that is available in each APP:  Open the app and click on the button HELP. You will soon find that it is worth spending 2 minutes to read the documentation and thus get the most out of your tool.

4 .CPM: Documentation about the data collection agent:

5. Does your client have technical questions about CPM?

Use this documentation

6. Find out more about the advantages offered by Nubeprint:

Visit the YouTube channel of Nubeprint..

7. Online Training

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8. License terms and conditions

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