We want to take your business to the next level

Nubeprint introduces the Nubeprint app with self-registration.

The new Nubeprint smartphone app allows any customer to self-register on your Nubeprint dashboard. This means that customers will come to you.

With the new Nubeprint app you will:

  1. gain new customers. Customers you don’t know. Through the Nubeprint printer monitoring app, any end user will be able to choose your company as a supplier of cartridges for their printers.
  2. avoid your customers having to buy from other websites.
  3. build customer loyalty and retain them with a subscription for the purchase and delivery of consumables as HP InstantInk and Amazon already do.

How your company wins new clients

The new Nubeprint app incorporates the self-registration of the end customer in your Nubeprint Panel. By scanning a QR code with his mobile phone, the customer accesses the Nubeprint App to sign up for your Panel. Almost instantly, you receive an email notification so that you can contact your new customer and agree the terms of service.

What else is in it for your business?

We have prepared a brochure with the 6 main advantages. We invite you to read it by clicking on the image below:

What it costs for your company

As a customer of an active Nubeprint licence, this new service is free of charge for you..

What you need to do to benefit

The registration of your company is done automatically. But we recommend that you verify that we have all the following data correctly registered. This data is used to include your company in the Nubeprint app, to communicate every time a new client has self-registered in your Panel, and for you and the client to be connected via Whatsapp. If we have your logo, it will be displayed on the Nubeprint app, making it look like “your own app”.

  • Trade name:
  • Zip code:
  • Country:
  • Contact person:
  • Telephone number:
  • Email to notify you of each new customer:
  • URL to link the app to your online sales portal:
  • WhatsApp so that the customer can communicate directly with you from the app:

Why you can’t miss out on this opportunity

We put a unique technology in your hands that no one else has, not even the printer manufacturers themselves or the ubiquitous competitor Amazon. Combine the monitoring power of your Nubeprint licence with the Nubeprint mobile app and the ability to connect it all to your eCommerce portal.

In other words, with this Nubeprint technology you reinforce your existing small and medium sized customers, and gain new customers who have recently moved to manufacturer programmes such as HP Instant Ink or Amazon.

How you can make the most of it

Nubeprint provides you with marketing material that you can use in your own actions. Example: stickers to put on the cartridges to advertise your subscription and monitoring services, logos, images… Use this link to download the material. If you want it in a different format, contact your sales representative or info@nubeprint.com to request them.

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