... and for a limited timet: WinTarget

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Focus on selling, forguet about chasing.

Take the most from your promotions

Use them as incentives to make your customers participate in a loyalty program

Nubeprint brings the resources to boost your Promotions

  • Customer autoregistration
  • Monitoring
  • Identify opportunities
  • Send proposal

You or your Dealer make the sale

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WinTarget and Nubeprint MPS are compatible

  • No investment in technology
  • 100% service
  • Free of maintenance
  • No DCA: no hassle to install a DCA
  • No commitments
  • For your smallest customers (less than 9 employees in general)
  • Cost of sale: cost is associated to your sales (not an infrastructure cost)
  • Unique solution for Retailers
  • Deploy technology
  • All company customers (from large corporations to small companies with reasonable printing volume).
  • Flexible technology that meets all customer’s IT requirements.
  • Business Process Management oriented: efficiency to manage large fleets of printers.
  • First in industry cost controls: excellent for cost per page contracts.
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