About us

Nubeprint was founded in 2010 by the inventors who developed and patented in year 2000 the first data collection agent (DCA) to monitor printers and copiers from remote. The vision of Antonio Sanchez Navarro and Juan José San Martin Mazzuconi, founders of Nubeprint, was to provide a solution that would efficiently manage via remote the millions of printing devices installed worldwide. Such a technology would benefit the dealers and distributors by significantly reducing their pay per page contract costs, eliminate the end-customers burden of managing the printers’ needs for toner, and positively impact the environment by making better use of resources and reducing carbon footprint.

Nubeprint is unique in that it implements lean management concepts (inherited from the Toyota Production System of the automotive industry) to control and reduce the costs of managing copiers and printers. It has also pioneered and incorporated predictive models to handle the replenishment of cartridges, and has built-in flow of event management that leads to full business process automation (BPA). Our customers perceive Nubeprint as “if it is possible, then it’s Nubeprint”. Nubeprint makes enormous efforts to make the technology useful and relevant to the needs of our customers: 80% of the requests made by customers are implemented in less than 12 months. Adaptability is an imbedded culture within Nubeprint, and is facilitated by Nubeprint’s absolute independence, which is more than 95% owned by its founders.

But Nubeprint’s major achievement is confirmed by the fact that our customers are experiencing cost savings of 30% to 70% for every page printed. It is not difficult to understand why the majority of Nubeprint’s growth has come through references from existing customers.

According to all experts, the printing industry will change dramatically between now and 2020. Nubeprint is committed to help dealers, distributors and end-customers to take the maximum benefit of the new opportunities that will arise.